Running for President on $10 a Day
by Dean Adams Curtis

by Dean Adams Curtis, 1991

1991. On the day I turned 35, I announced my candidacy to be the Democratic Party's nominee for president. One question has since sprung forth from many, "Why?"

A main plank of my platform was promotion within corporations of what I called employee democracy, that being both employee ownership and democratic employee participation in the choice of one-third of each corporation's board members. I called for democratic elections every spring for a third of the board of directors members within each publicly-traded company in the U.S. This, I proposed, would boost productivity and thus raise tremendous revenue for the Treasury from corporate taxes.

2023. Elizabeth Warren is calling for expanding employee ownership, and also for 40% of corporate directors to be democratically elected.

I kept journals as I ran. I put them in a book. You can read a bit, free. Click book below for Amazon's "Look Inside" preview.

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