Intelligencers - Teen Shakespeare vs. Tyrants in Tudor Times

Queen Elizabeth is under threat from rivals in all directions,
including from a growing armada of Spanish ships being built
to ferry a battle-hardened invasion force to her shores.
She relies on her spies, who she calls her "intelligencers",
to stay alive and on her throne.

Intelligencers offers a fun origins story, mixed with a mash-up
of Shakespearean and spy genres, that answers a question;
How did the son of a glovemaker from the English Midlands,
without the benefit of college, grow into one of the greatest
writers of the English language?

Intelligencers offers the decade missing from the life of young
Will Shakespeare, from 1579 until 1588, before his arrival in London.
A chance meeting between Queen Elizabeth and 15-year-old
Will Shakespeare along the Avon River at Kenilworth Castle,
leads to her asking Will to become one of her spies.

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